Citizenship Programs

Citizenship-by-investment programs provide ultra-wealthy families with the privilege of a second or third passport, which affords them all the internal rights enjoyed by residents. Listed below are the details of the most credible and successful citizenship programs offered by Henley & Partners.

Antigua and Barbuda Country Crest

Antigua and Barbuda offers one of the most competitive citizenship programs in the Caribbean. Options start from USD 100,000 and citizens of Antigua and Barbuda have visa-free access to 149 destinations, including top business and lifestyle destinations. Enquire now

Austria Country Crest

Austria has one of the world’s strongest passports providing its holders with visa-free access to 185 destinations worldwide, along with settlement rights in all EU member states. Options for obtaining Austrian citizenship start from EUR 3 million. Enquire now

Cyprus Country Crest

The Cyprus Investment Programme is one of the most sought-after citizenship programs that provides successful applicants with an attractive balance between the capital contribution they make and the benefits they receive. The minimum financial requirement is EUR 2.15 million and successful applicants can travel visa-free to 173 destinations worldwide. Enquire now

Malta Country Crest

The Malta Individual Investor Program is the world’s leading citizenship program. The minimum contribution for a Maltese passport is EUR 1 million, with visa-free access to 183 destinations. Malta offers safety and security by providing a better quality of life and the right to live, work, and study in all EU member states.  Enquire now

Moldova Country Crest

The Moldova Citizenship-by-Investment Program is the latest and most competitively priced European program and provides access to 119 destinations, including not only the countries of Europe’s Schengen Area, but also Russia and Turkey. The minimum contribution for a single applicant is EUR 135,000 and passports can be issued in three to four months.  Enquire now

Montenegro Country Crest

The Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment Program offers increased global mobility with visa-free access to 122 destinations, including the countries of Europe’s Schengen Area, as well as Russia and the UAE. The program is exclusively limited to 2,000 applicants and the minimum contribution for a single applicant is EUR 350,000.  Enquire now

St Kitts and Nevis Country Crest

St. Kitts and Nevis has one of the strongest passports among all the Caribbean citizenship programs. Options start from USD 150,000 and the St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship-by-Investment Program provides visa-free access to 154 destinations.  Enquire now

Saint Lucia Country Crest

The St. Lucia Citizenship-by-Investment Program offers increased global mobility and opportunity by providing visa-free access to 145 destinations around the world. Prices start from USD 100,000 and passports can be acquired in as little as four months.  Enquire now

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